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Rca Usb Cable

This is an 3 Rca to usb adapter for use with digital cameras, digital music players, or digital video cameras, the cable provides enough power for other digital cameras, players, or video cameras. This cable is conjointly compatible with digital video recorder software, the converter cable is facile to operate and is sensational for converting digital videos to audio or for use with other digital cameras.

Video Usb Cable

This converter is designed to convert video and audio signals from a video volatility card such as the wii nes or snes to hdmi and into other video or audio signals from a computer, phone, or other tv, the converter can also convert audio signals from a sound card such as the alpine or alpine s- to hdmi and vice versa. The converter can also convert video and audio signals from a computer, phone, or other tv to a specific video or audio format, the converter cable is for use with the tv dog earphones that are available on amazon. It converts from hdmi to usbcable, org video and tv. This is an 3 Rca to usb cable, it will allow you to connect your computer to a third-party speakers or tv, or use your computer as a sound card for your graphics card. The Rca port can also be used to connect other devices like speakman, which use an 3 Rca port, the us-stock version is the best value for your money. This usb 2, 0 male to 3 Rca cable rgb female video av converter cable for hdtv pc is sterling for connecting an electronic camera to a computer. The usb 2, 0 rate allows you to easily and quickly connect your camera to your computer. The white color is bright and makes it uncomplicated to see in dark rooms, the cable is furthermore mpeg-4 standard which means it can be easily processed by the video converter.