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Superspeed Usb Cable

Opsi-eu is an enticing place to buy an usb 3, 0 hub 4-port adapter charger data slim super speed pc mac laptop desktop. With many products available for purchase, we offer a wide variety of products that will help your computer stay connected and you getting work done, our products are designed to help you work with the best quality and performance possible.

Top 10 Superspeed Usb Cable

The usb 3, 0 a male to a male cable data transfer super speed power charger from isis offers data transfer speeds of up to 3 g or 4 g in up to 30 pd the cable is 6 feet long, making it enticing for long-distance charging. The metal body and 6-foot length make it splendid for daily use or long-distance transfer, the Superspeed usb 3. 0 to male is first-rate for use high-speed usb devices with your computer, keep your data delivered quickly and easily from your computer to your devices quickly and easily. 6 usb 3, 0 Superspeed transfer cable for allows you to quickly and easily transfer files from your pc to your computer. This cable provides three times the speed of traditional usb cables for a smoother connection, the 3 ft 3 feet usb 3. 0 Superspeed male a to female an extension cable cord mf usb3 is a sensational surrogate to get your computer to Superspeed quickly and easily, this cable is fabricated using 3 ft male cables and offers a Superspeed of 3 mbps. It is again lightweight and extends protection.